About Micastricas

Micas as a kidHi! I’m Micaela, but all my friends call me Micas. I’m the Portuguese designer behind Micastricas. This is a 'one woman show' so all the designs, illustrations and products are handmade and hand printed by me.
I have a special love for crafts and the children’s universe, that is why I’ve been creating fun and playful collections full of pockets and little friends. Here you will find cute T-shirts and baby bodysuits with tails, cushions with bold prints and much more.
I’m mostly inspired by my own childhood memories, as well as by my surroundings: the places I love, my family, colleagues and friends.
One of the most important values of Micastricas is the awareness and commitment to respect the environment. I work with sustainable materials and suppliers that also have an ethical, sustainable and fair approach.

Micastricas production process

The social aspect of the brand is crucial, that is why I would like to share a consistent portion of our net earnings to organizations supporting children in need. At the moment, Micastricas contributes for some organizations like the AIP (Amigos de Inharrime), the Wilde ganzen and the KNCV tuberculosefons. One of my motivations to invest in Micastricas is to be able for this contribution to grow according to the brand’s capacities.
Micastricas started in 2010 just before moving to The Netherlands. Now I’m based in Rotterdam, where the magic happens! It is also here, at Mesh Print Club, that our products are silkscreened (the same place where I learned and perfected this technique).

Organic cotton

One of the characteristics of Micastricas is the creation of unique and individually designed products. This involves the combination of a careful and dedicated focus in the process of creation, choice of materials, manufacture, production and selling.
It has been a growing process since the beginning. The techniques are improving, new concepts and ideas come to life, and the values and awareness are more consistent and clear.
Working space in Rotterdam